K12 Hotspots on the Web

K12 Hotspots on the Web

Here is the newly-revised DA guide to favorite education sites.

According to a recent survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 91 percent of adult internet users in the United States rely on search engines to find information, and 78 percent get news online. Similarly, among teenagers, where smartphone adoption increased substantially and mobile access to the internet is pervasive, one in four is a “cell-mostly” user who accesses the web through a cell phone. Online resources continue to shape every aspect of our lives, and are enriching, extending, and transforming schools.

But with web pages measured in the billions, the demand for education information has never been greater or more complicated. As a result, most educators favor only a few familiar websites if they are unaware that superior applications exist. District Administration therefore presents this newly-revised and fully-verified guide to our favorite K12 “hotspots,” in categories that include education standards, sources for online projects, research sites, curriculum centers in every content area and related professional materials. The guide also offers specialized online applications of unique value for educators, including genealogy resources, mapping tools, language translators, broadcast media and news organizations. Feel free to share this hotlist with your staff, students, and parents, and add the resources to your district site.

K12 Standards Resources

Common Core State Standards www.corestandards.org

Exemplars www.exemplars.com

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), National Educational Technology Standards—NETS www.iste.org/standards

ISTE NETS for School Administrators

ISTE NETS for Students

ISTE NETS for Teachers

ISTE NETS for Technology Coaches

ISTE NETS for Computer Science Educators

IXL State Standards www.ixl.com/standards


Web-based Tutoring

eTutorsZone etutorszone.com

K-12 Tutoring Center k-12tutoringcenter.com

Smarthinking www.smarthinking.com

Tutor/Mentor Connection www.tutormentorconnection.org

Tutor.com tutor.com


Online Projects

edHelper www.edhelper.com

Filamentality www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil

Generation YES www.genyes.org

Global SchoolNet www.globalschoolnet.org

iEARN—International Education and Resource Network www.iearn.org

JASON Learning www.jason.org

Kidlink www.kidlink.org

NASA Quest quest.arc.nasa.gov

Quia Web www.quia.com/web

SchoolExpress www.schoolexpress.com

ThinkQuest thinkquest.org

WebQuest webquest.org


Student Research Resources

CyberSleuth Kids cybersleuth-kids.com

Fact Monster www.factmonster.com

HomeworkSpot www.homeworkspot.com

InfoPlease www.infoplease.com

iTools www.itools.com

LibrarySpot www.libraryspot.com

National Student Research Center youth.net/nsrc

Refdesk.com www.refdesk.com

Yahoo Kids kids.yahoo.com


Professional Resources

Administrators.Net administrators.net

Atomic Learning www.atomiclearning.com

Blackboard www.blackboard.com

Center for Education Reform www.edreform.com

Educational Research www.ernweb.com

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence www.free.ed.gov

Instructional Design www.instructionaldesign.org

MIT OpenCourseWare ocw.mit.edu

National Center for Technology Planning www.nctp.com

National Center for Education Statistics nces.ed.gov

Sites for Teachers www.sitesforteachers.com

TeachersFirst www.teachersfirst.com

Teachers.Net www.teachers.net

TeacherVision www.teachervision.com

Teachnet.com www.teachnet.com

U.S. Department of Education www.ed.gov

W3 Schools www.w3schools.com


Finding People and Businesses

AnyWho www.anywho.com

Switchboard.com www.switchboard.com

US Search www.ussearch.com

Who2 Biographies www.who2.com

Whowhere www.whowhere.com


Genealogy Resources

Ancestry.com www.ancestry.com

Cyndi’s List www.cyndislist.com

Ellis Island Foundation www.ellisisland.org

FamilyHistory.com www.familyhistory.com

FamilySearch www.familysearch.org

Genealogy.com www.genealogy.com

National Genealogical Society www.ngsgenealogy.org

RootsWeb.com www.rootsweb.com

USGenWeb Project www.usgenweb.org

WorldGenWeb Project worldgenweb.org


Mapping/Global Information Systems

Atlapedia Online www.atlapedia.com

FreeTrip.com freetrip.com

Google Earth earth.google.com

Google Maps maps.google.com

Google Moon moon.google.com

MapMaker Interactive plasma.nationalgeographic.com

MapQuest www.mapquest.com

National Atlas nationalatlas.gov

VirtualTourist.com www.virtualtourist.com

Worldatlas www.worldatlas.com

Yahoo Maps maps.yahoo.com


Language Translators

BabelFish www.babelfish.com

Bing Translator www.bing.com/translator

FreeTranslation.com www.freetranslation.com

ImTranslator translation.paralink.com


Libraries and Museums

American Memory Historical Collections memory.loc.gov

American Museum of Natural History www.amnh.org

The Archaeology Channel www.archaeologychannel.org

Exploratorium www.exploratorium.edu

The Franklin Institute www.fi.edu

Library of Congress lcweb.loc.gov

LibrarySpot www.libraryspot.com

The Museum of Broadcast Communications www.museum.tv

MuseumSpot www.museumspot.com

MuseumStuff.com www.museumstuff.com

National Air and Space Museum airandspace.si.edu

National Archives www.archives.gov

National Gallery of Art www.nga.gov

Smithsonian www.si.edu

Smithsonian Kids www.si.edu/kids

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum www.ushmm.org


Broadcast Media

A&E Classroom www.aetv.com/classroom

Annenberg Learner www.learner.org

Bio. www.biography.com

Book TV booktv.org

Cable in the Classroom www.ciconline.org

Power to Learn www.powertolearn.com

Discovery discovery.com

Discovery Education discoveryeducation.com

ESPN espn.go.com

HBO Family www.hbofamily.com

History www.history.com

National Geographic www.nationalgeographic.com

National Geographic Education education.nationalgeographic.com

National Public Radio www.npr.org

Nickelodeon nick.com

Nick Jr nickjr.com

PBS www.pbs.org

PBS Teachers pbs.org/teachers

PBS Kids pbskids.org

Sesame Street sesamestreet.org

The Weather Channel weather.com


News Sources

ABC News abcnews.go.com

C|net news.cnet.com

CNN www.cnn.com

CNN Schools of Thought schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn.com

Fox News www.foxnews.com

Google News news.google.com

NBC News www.nbcnews.com

The New York Times www.nytimes.com

The New York Times Learning Network learning.blogs.nytimes.com

Newseum www.newseum.org

The Daily Beast/Newsweek www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek

Time www.time.com

Time for Kids www.timeforkids.com

U.S. News & World Report usnews.com

USA Today usatoday.com

USA Today Education usatodayeducation.com

The Wall Street Journal thewallstreetjournal.com

The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition classroom.wsj.com

Yahoo! News news.yahoo.com

Odvard Egil Dyrli is executive editor of District Administration.