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Transforming schools in just two hours

School Makeover brings corporations and large organizations in to refresh buildings
2nd floor hallway
2nd floor hallway

Students at Frazier International Magnet School of Chicago Public Schools were treated to a fresh-painted gymnasium, classrooms and hallways thanks to an event from School Makeover, a national charity team-building program for corporations and large organizations to make a difference in the communities where they do business. The program is organized by a corporate team-building company called Team Worx.

School Makeover equips teams of 500 to 1,000 people to completely make over a local school or schools in two hours. Volunteers from the corporation are divided into teams with instructions and supplies for a project, such as painting a classroom or planting a garden.

Corporations pay at least $149 per person to participate in a School Makeover event, which covers supplies. Trained School Makeover staff circulate throughout the school and assist in the projects. Schools are chosen by location, financial need and academic success.