Unsung Heroes: Resources

Unsung Heroes: Resources

Bullies to Buddies’ Victim Proof Your School, www.bullies2buddies.com

Channing Bete Company’s Prevention and Intervention for School Staff www.channing-bete.com

e2Campus Bully Buster mobile app www.e2campus.com

ePals’ In2Books bullying books www.in2books.com

First Student’s film “The Bully Project” www.thebullyproject.com

Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network bit.ly/11uiy1

H&H Publishing’s Bully Survey System www.bullysurvey.com

National Health Promotion Associates’ Botvin LifeSkills Training www.lifeskillstraining.com

National Professional Resources’ The ABCs of Bullying Prevention DVDs www.nprinc.com/bully/vabp.htm

Pearson’s Reynolds Bully Victimization Scales For Schools, bit.ly/Jj9vFE

SchoolMessenger’s Talk About It’s anonymous communication service, talk.schoolmessenger.com

SchoolReach’s CyberBully Hotline www.cyberbullyhotline.com

Simon & Schuster’s Jake Drake, Bully Buster, bit.ly/Kw89X7

Stop Bullying Early’s “I Feel Good About Me” Program, stopbullyingearly.com

Students in the Know’s Bullying Academy www.bullyingacademy.com

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Stop Bullying Initiative www.stopbullying.gov

Word Bully 3.0 app, www.wordbully.net