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Curriculum Update

Uncovering the fountain of youth; AP science goes cutting edge; Inspiring the next generation of exp

Is Bill Gates a Good School Leader?

It's joked that he has more money than God. But is Microsoft's Bill Gates spending enough of his fo

SAT Trends

This year's SAT scores dropped more than they have in a generation. Is the new test to blame?

Boston's Perseverance

Boston Public Schools wins top urban prize as achievement gaps shrink and achievement overall rises

NCLB's Purity

Flaws notwithstanding, No Child Left Behind has brought about significant academic improvement and i

Does K-12 Make Sense?

Some leaders are suggesting that educators shift the traditional educational system from a K-12 t


Math gets book of clarity; Ads on buses start; Trust on Internet is questioned; More teachers wanted

Curriculum Update

Eighth-grade science around the globe; Defining best practices in writing; Technology enriches scien