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The FUTURE ARRIVES IN WEST Philadelphia on Sept. 7, a first-of-its-kind building and concept in the world of how K-12 public school should operate.

It began as a typical teenage scuffle: someone said something about someone's girlfriend, whose friends felt compelled to retaliate.

Most students hate assigned seating. However, in Karen Hull's classroom at the Little River School in Kansas, the students requested it over and over. That's because Hull, a middle school language arts and social studies teacher, grouped her students by learning styles.

Maryland School Offers First Homeland Security Program

High school students at Harford County Public Schools in Bel Air, Md., will get the nation's first taste in disaster preparedness, high-level computer science and law enforcement over the next few years.

When's the last time you had one of those moments when popular culture or non-educator friends or even a board member said something about education so nonsensical that it made you crazy, but also scared you into thinking that maybe a lot of people felt this way?

Strategy Sent to Congress For Reauthorization

In a comprehensive report, the National Education Association spelled out what it will take to make the federal No Child Left Behind act work for all children.

Addressing Childhood Obesity

School districts continue to look for ways to educate students about nutrition and exercise. Here are two interesting new programs.

Imagine coming up with a new way to distribute curriculum to more than 2,000 teachers at 52 campuses? That's what Dirk Funk, instructional technology facilitator for the Amarillo (Texas) Independent School District, was charged with two years ago. Luckily for Amarillo, Funk successfully rose to the challenge.