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They both want the youth of today to be great leaders of tomorrow. They both support the ideas behind the revised Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which strives to close the achievement gap between whites and minorities and ensure every child is proficient in core subjects in 10 years.

Imagine being commissioned to make a 30-minute documentary about the yield on investments in U.S. public education. You sift through piles of data and find some gold nuggets. Each one reveals a different perspective. As you dig deeper, you find a story layered with complexity. Finally, you realize the truth: "The whole story can't be told in 30 minutes."

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STIAssessment, Internet, $12 per student/year

Rocky Start for First Federal Voucher Plan

The nation's first federally funded school voucher program is off to a shaky start in Washington, D.C.

Glimmers Of Hope in No Child

Something good is coming out of adequate yearly progress reports.

In pockets across the nation, such as in North Carolina and Mississippi, great gains are happening.

Picture Books Worth A Thousand Words

The other Michael Moore says faith fuels his strength for school leadership