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Schools Tighten Security in Cyberspace

A perceived terrorism threat to several public school systems (the FBI dismissed them as a false alarm) nevertheless has raised concerns about school security on the Internet.

Bush Likely to Expand NCLB But No Major Changes

The re-election of George W. Bush to a second term likely means the No Child Left Behind Act will be expanded, but not significantly changed, say some education experts.

Students Help Capture Vets' Stories

One of the biggest battlegrounds in K-12 education in this country has been, and always will be, how it is funded.

Some kids dream of being a cowboy one day. Growing up in a competitive family with five brothers, Esperanza Zendejas actually became one. In a culture dominated by men, she learned to stand on her own and up for herself. "There was no such thing as something that was only appropriate for my brothers," she says.

A proposed law in Ohio giving teachers and school staff immunity from lawsuits arising from discipline issues has sparked renewed controversy over how to protect students' rights and still keep teachers in control of their classrooms.

Saturday School a Class Act

Paul Ruiz, a principal partner at The Education Trust, has his own sad but inspiring story. He comes from a family of 15 whose parents emigrated from Mexico. His teachers in San Antonio, Texas, about 40 years ago did not believe he could learn.

Tutoring used to be thought of as a private issue. While many parents nationwide choose to supply tutors for their children, the issue hasn't appeared on schools' radar screens. Until now.

With only two employees trying to keep 100 buildings and 700 acres of property looking spiffy, no one sniped when Portland (Ore.) Public Schools' groundskeeping crew fell behind. The question was more what to do about it.

Lifelong learning. I decided to try it. So, I packed up the car and drove to Palo Alto to participate in the annual Stanford Jazz Residency. This immersive institute welcomes adults and talented teens to spend a week playing, studying and listening to jazz.

Giving Construction Curriculum A Chance

I'm writing this column because I'm embarrassed.

Two recent issues of District Administration have carried columns by Gary Stager that have attacked aspects of the educational proposals/decisions of both presidential candidates.