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Sherlock Holmes would develop a migraine deciphering this one:

Clifton Hill Elementary teacher Rebecca Harper remembers what the school was like before Jesse B. Register became Hamilton County's superintendent: unkempt buildings with no inside doors, carpeting likely laid the year Harper was born, asbestos, and a pervasive feeling of neglect.

It's difficult to even begin to put the disaster of Hurricane Katrina into perspective, much less make some sense of its enormous impact on the education of those displaced by the storm.

Problem: Like other school districts, the Jersey City (N.J.) Public Schools collects comprehensive data about its students, including test scores, then stores it in electronic warehouses. Among other things, data is essential in addressing accountability requirements under No Child Left Behind. As a special needs district, Jersey City also needs data to meet state requirements.

Adults speak nostalgically about the glory days of youth, but a recent study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health strikes a different chord. "Half of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14," researchers report. "Three quarters have begun by age 24. Thus, mental disorders are really the chronic diseases of the young."

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Tiger Woods wouldn't win many tournaments if he used a 5 iron for every shot. Part of golf is knowing when to use which club. Likewise, effective teachers can select and use instructional strategies that move individual students closer to the goal--improved academic achievement.

Quite obviously, I'm a word person. After 20 years as a journalist, I'm certainly most comfortable expressing myself like this, by sitting down and writing.