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Achallenge at a handful of Title I middle schools in the Baltimore County Public School (BCPS) system three years ago was to figure out a way to help underperforming math students, says Patricia Baltzley, Director of Mathematics Pre K-12.

The Bill of Rights Institute

Being An American: Exploring The Ideals that Unite Us, Program, $12.95


What do YOU Mean by Learning by Seymour Sarason (Heinemann)

You probably know the Simon shopping malls for its upscale chain stores, busy food courts and commercial success around the country. You may not know about the brand of public education that's available in a growing number of those malls.

It's a crisis. Social studies, particularly in the elementary grades, has been pushed to the back burner in schools.

Time is the biggest nemesis. Increased attention to math and language arts under the federal No Child Left Behind law is squeezing out social studies. Many states have standards in social studies so teachers are expected to cover the topic, but without being attached to a high-stakes test, the subject has lost ground.

Schools Tighten Security in Cyberspace

A perceived terrorism threat to several public school systems (the FBI dismissed them as a false alarm) nevertheless has raised concerns about school security on the Internet.

One of the biggest battlegrounds in K-12 education in this country has been, and always will be, how it is funded.

A proposed law in Ohio giving teachers and school staff immunity from lawsuits arising from discipline issues has sparked renewed controversy over how to protect students' rights and still keep teachers in control of their classrooms.