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For decades, Virginia's Colonial Williamsburg has given visitors an up-close and personal view of life in 17th century America.

Paige: U.S. Schools Like Apartheid

As the federal government tries to improve student success under No Child Left Behind, the nation's top educator complains that many minority children are served so poorly it can be compared to apartheid conditions.

The $100,000 Teacher: Coming Soon to Minnesota?

Borrowing a page from other job sectors, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty wants to give performance bonuses to attract and retain "super teachers" for the state's most challenged public schools.

I'm always looking for ways to better understand the magazine's readers. I interview administrators while writing stories, I meet readers at trade shows, and I trade e-mails with officials about the magazine's contents.

The joke used to be that getting families involved in their children's education was like the weather: Everyone discussed it, but no one did much about it.

That's no longer true. Schools are beefing up their efforts--especially Title I schools, required by No Child Left Behind to provide for parent involvement at the state, district and local school levels.

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Teachers and Accusations of Abuse, Book, $16.95

High school instructor Javier Rabelo uses several computer literature books as a secondary resource to help teach computer graphics tips to his students in HyperMedia I and HyperMedia II classes.

The message on the projector slide seemed clear enough: A school board hires the district's chief executive, and then that person selects a team.

Christmas came early to the Stager house when a pre-publication copy of Frank Smith's latest book arrived this summer. I have long admired Smith for his intellect and remarkable ability to make complex ideas accessible.

Superintendent Alex DiNino got two pieces of advice from a fellow administrator in a nearby district when he initially got involved in his district's multi-school construction program: Your job has yet to begin, and wear old shoes.

Title I is the largest federal elementary and secondary education program. For 38 years it has poured more than $200 billion into K-12 school districts nationwide. And yet, there's no statistical evidence in the last 15 years that the program, and the money spent on it, has accomplished its goal.

This leading man reinvents a community with a can-do attitude, serious fundraising and a media blitz