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As superintendents and school districts face the challenges of mandated testing and the pressure to improve test scores, there's a danger we may develop a very short-sighted approach to education--an approach that could deprive students of experiences they need to succeed as adults in our global society.

While most K-12 schools host open-house nights each fall for parents to visit classrooms and see district facilities, Onekama schools in Michigan encourage people to drop by all year long, at any time of day.

GED Rates Rise

Every year, more teens attempt to join the ranks of Bill Cosby and Ruth Ann Minner, governor of Delaware, not as comedians or politicians but as GED recipients.

New England's Bold Test: Multi-State Assessments

A better quality assessment of what every student learns, including special education and English language learners, is what new multi-state assessment tests are all about.

With a run down, antiquated school building that's poorly built (not to mention architecturally uninteresting), the problems are obvious. There are the health and safety factors, and then there are comfort concerns. Managing today's technology and security needs also becomes a challenge with old schools. In many districts across the country, the solution seems cut-and-dried. It's time to build a new school.

Teens Think Math is Tops

It's fun." "It's easy." "I understand it." These simple reasons are some of the most common given by students of a recent poll who named math as their favorite subject. For some, a single teacher's efforts to make math interesting vaulted math to the top of their list. Nearly one-quarter of the 785 teens surveyed like math the most, about the same percentage as in a 2003 survey.

A Little District That

In a village severely disadvantaged by sheer geography, it would be easy for the failure of a single student to go unnoticed. Located in the heart of Alaska, Galena is only accessible by boat (in the summer, when the river is ice-free) and by plane. But when one of the district's 13 seniors from its K-12 facility, Galena City School, didn't graduate this year, educators didn't just chalk it up to statistics.