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Ramps, rolling tires, stop watches and lots of error-prone calculations used to be the mainstays of teaching physics to students at the Macomb Academy of Arts and Sciences in Armada, Mich. Now, if not for the age of the students, a visitor at the school might think she landed at a company specializing in ergonomics.


Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther", Software, $129/single user license

It was a sweet outdoor field trip moment turned sour. While relaxing on the edge of a hay wagon, taking in the scene at the farm, science lab teacher Darleen Horton remarked to a fourth grader, "Isn't this nice?" His reply: "It's scary."

A Model Classroom

Missions to Mars

After months of travel, two NASA rovers have landed and begun exploration of the Red Planet. Here on Earth, educators are creating adventures for students to embark on some Mars expeditions of their own.

There's the Mars Student Imaging Project. Teams of students in grades five and up are working with scientists, mission planners and educators from Arizona State University's Mars Space Flight Facility to image a site on Mars using a visible wavelength camera. The camera is aboard the Mars Odyssey spacecraft currently orbiting Mars.

Mixed Grades for NCLB On Second Anniversary

Virginia School Board Seeks Power to Sue Struggling Districts

A bill recently introduced in the Virginia state legislature would allow the state Board of Education to sue school districts that do not meet state performance standards.

The mission of a school is to facilitate learning. Learning depends on teachers, buildings, curriculum, materials, and, increasingly, security.

Charleston County (N.C.) School District