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The bucolic Amish country of Lancaster County, Pa., is home to a group that survives with only basic means, minimal possessions and the bare essentials of shelter. But these people are not Amish. They're the homeless of Lancaster, a city with typical urban problems. Chief among them is its homeless students.

Lightspeed Systems

Total Traffic Control Version 4.0, Software $6,995

The joke among the mostly African-American students and even some teachers at Chicago Vocational High School in the 1980s had been that CVS was an acronym for crime, violence and sex. CVS was a place where many teenagers carried guns and knives, gangs had brawls, bullies ruled, and boys raped girls in bathrooms.

Avoiding Special Ed Referral Leaps

When there's a complex problem to tackle, it usually helps to break it into manageable pieces. Looking at the overrepresentation of minority children in U.S. special education programs, the International Reading Association found an area in which it can help. Its latest position statement makes recommendations for addressing the problem by, you guessed it, examining reading instruction.

It's meant to curb crime and keep the peace. But a new federal law allowing students to transfer from schools that are labeled violent and disruptive could be causing more discord than harmony.

Rallies Speak for Struggling Schools

We need more. That simple plea was the message in 11 major cities across the nation when some members of Congress, teachers, parents, and ACORN members rallied to protest a shortfall of funding for No Child Left Behind.

In the time its takes you to read this article, your network will have been scanned by someone who means to manipulate, damage or outright destroy your school's data.

Self-defense in Texas

For years, a fight was a fight in schools, and every student involved was guilty. But a new Texas law requires school districts to determine if students can claim self-defense and to include that policy in student conduct guidelines for this school year. Some districts, such as Dallas, say self-defense is not an excuse, and they won't change their policy.


If it seems as if every page you turn to in this month's magazine contains some reference to No Child Left Behind, you may not be far off. In our 96 pages, there are six news stories that reference NCLB, four features, two columns and one new product. That's not including Inside the Law, our NCLB update.

Curriculum director Jerry Foucher says nobody paid much attention to the development of course content for social studies and civics classes in his district. Until last school year. Then there was uproar.