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District Administration, April 2013

A new report finds three decades of reform has improved little.
Budget cuts may have a large impact on federally funded education programs.
This April marks the 30th anniversary of the controversial Reagan-era report “A Nation at Risk”—and little has changed since.
Comments from education leaders, supporting and critiquing the president’s plans, in discussion with DA staff writer Alison DeNisco.

District Administration, March 2013

Homework Photo
Weighing the conflicting evidence.
Services adapt to fit 21st-century assignments.
Working around and with the bumpy playing field.
Finally, some answers to the not-so-old student question—"Why can't I just Google it?"

District Administration, Feb 2013

Art therapy involves creating art to help individuals of all ages cope with traumatic experiences and stress, according to the American Art Therapy Association, a national organization whose Connecticut members have been working to assist young people, their families, and the local communities to address the trauma resulting from the Sandy Hook shooting. Above, a drawing from a first grade Sandy Hook student who was at school the day of the shooting.
Critical challenges for school psychologists.