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District Administration, April 2015

Digital advertising in K12 schools is an avenue for districts to make extra money. But some parents and researchers say that ads do not belong in school hallways.
Digital billboards that resemble large touch-screen tablets placed in schools in two Arizona districts
LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines says district can't afford iPads for every student.
District plans to provide computers to students as needed for instruction or testing
The Kansas Coaching Project studies how instructional coaches improve academic outcomes.
Many districts that cut coaches during recession now bringing them back
Joseph Davis is currently the superintendent of Washington County Schools in rural Plymouth, North Carolina.
Deborah Gist named the first female superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools in Oklahoma

District Administration, March 2015

The National Core Arts Standards were released in October. They emphasize developing artistic ideas, refining them, and following projects through to completion. (Americans for the Arts/Scott Cronan Photography)
Updated National Core Arts Standards add media arts such as animation, film, gaming and computer design
555,000-square-foot education complex houses middle school, high school and community center
Students in the Academy of Computer Game Design magnet program learn game programming and 3D animation.
Students study creative aspects of game design and programming at Florida magnet school
Funding for preschools increased 12 percent in the 2014-15 school year.
Nationwide, state funding for preschool increased by $672 million this year
Advocates say exams better prepare students to participate in a democratic society
LAUSD serves some 70,000 dinners daily, with plans to expand over the next two years.
Number of students served dinner or an after-school snack reached nearly 1 million last year
Oakland USD’s restorative justice program emphasizes having students make amends for disruptive behavior instead of suspending them.
Program focuses on students making amends for disruptive behavior rather than suspensions
Donald Leu (center) leads the team of the New Literacies Research Lab at the University of Connecticut.
Many students lack ability to evaluate the reliability of information on the web
Ohio Department of Public Safety Director John Born created a 24/7 tipline that allows students to report potential threats.
Ann Clark and Henderson Lewis leading large districts in North Carolina and Louisiana
Sharon Jacobs and Paulita Musgrave from Washington Montessori School in Greensboro, N.C. share the ASCD’s 2015 Legislative Agenda with Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) during ASCD’s Leadership Institute for Legislative Advocacy in Washington, D.C.
ASCD says schools and teachers shouldn't be evaluated based on standardized test scores

District Administration, February 2015

Psychologists from Boston Public Schools participate in PD events as part of the district’s Comprehensive Behavioral Health Model.
How to work around tight budgets so the school counselor’s job is done right
Lakota Local School District in Ohio recently increased its communications staff to compete with private and parochial schools.
Schools amp up communications and upgrades to keep from losing students to charters, private schools
St. Paul Public Schools has a large population of Hmong students, many of whom participate in a dual-language immersion program to learn their heritage language.
Community demand often leads schools to add classes in less-common languages, such as Hmong, Arabic, Hindi and Swahili
Jasper County Public Schools was one of 36 rural, high-poverty districts to file a lawsuit against South Carolina, claiming that the state’s funding formula was unconstitutional.
Court finds state funding formula denies many poor, rural students their right to an adequate education
Conflicting information from so many sources makes communication from the district even more important
Calhoun County Schools in Alabama is first district in the nation to pilot a "vapor wake detection" service
An elementary school technician from York School District in Maine helps students record a weekly news broadcast —a job not often assumed by a support technician in the past.
Today's CIOs must focus on user experience, data security and mobile learning
Rutherford County Schools has opened 10 new schools since 2003 due to the district’s rapid enrollment growth.
Enrollment at Rutherford County Schools in central Tennessee rose from 29,600 in 2003-04 to 41,000 this year
Nevada state Sen. Aaron Ford's truancy bill requires students to prove good attendance when applying for a driver's license.
In other people news, Larry Nyland becomes permanent superintendent of Seattle Public Schools

District Administration, January 2015

Students in New Tech Network schools focus on project-based learning and working collaboratively in groups.
Deeper learning is another name for the shift in emphasis away from teacher-led, rote learning
Students nationwide take as many as 20 standardized tests per year, and an average of 10 in grades 3 through 8