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District Administration, October 2014

KeepNTrack software scans each visitor’s driver’s license and runs a check through a sexual predator database for all 50 states.
Brevard County system automatically runs sexual predator checks on all visitors
K8 school offers bilingual immersion courses in English, Spanish and French
Graduation rates reach historic high but report also sites factors in why students leave school
Parents from Weigand Avenue Elementary in LAUSD used the trigger law to oust a principal in 2013.  (Photo: Parent Revolution)
California’s Parent Empowerment Act allows parents to force overhauls of failing schools
Volunteers for the Ferguson, Mo. group Parents for Peace welcome back students at Ferguson Middle School in August. (Photo: Tim Lloyd / St. Louis Public Radio)
Teachers received guidance in leading productive class discussions about Michael Brown shooting
S. Dallas Dance has raised test scores at Baltimore County Schools since becoming superintendent in 2012.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reaches nearly $68 million contract agreement with school safety agents
Teachers can use products from companies such as AirWatch to manage student devices in the classroom.
Mobile device management software allows one person to update the content and security settings on hundreds of devices

District Administration, September 2014

In 2013, 15 percent of high school seniors reported using a prescription drug for non-medical purposes
The Nervanix Clarity is a headset that monitors EEG brainwaves to measure attention levels.
New products target memory, attention levels and brain's plasticity
Students from Bronzeville Scholastic Institute High School in Chicago use refurbished computers, saving on technology costs for the district.
CIOs should make sure refurbished devices are compatible with school software and have sufficient memory
Using standing desks may help students burn more calories and pay more attention than using traditional desks, studies show.
Standing desks are now used in hundreds of schools nationwide
Between 2011 and 2012, the percentage of high school students who reported using an e-cigarette rose from roughly 5 percent to 10 percent
About one-third of all teachers are now contributing to supplemental, voluntary investment programs called 403(b)s..
State funding for pensions fell in all but seven states between 2009 and 2012
Saving money was not a reason for the change, Superintendent Rick Ruckman says
Booster club members attend a session presented by the National Booster Club Training Council.
How to harness power of volunteer groups that bring vital funds to athletics
Photo Gallery: Rockford district in Illinois spending $58 million to rebuild all four of its high schools
A California high school supported by the Internationals Network for Public Schools admits only English language learners.
Since October, more than 57,500 unaccompanied minors from Central America have been detained at the Mexican border
New Orleans schools are operated by one of three organizations. Source: The Cowen Institute.
While academic achievement generally continues to improve, it still lags behind most other districts
Ulrich Boser, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress
Only 37 percent of the districts in the top third in spending were also in the top third in achievement
Original high school, along with four other schools, destroyed by 2011 tornado
Superintendent Grayling Tobias of the Hazelwood School District in St. Louis County, Mo.
Los Angeles USD Superintendent John Deasy to focus on boosting graduation rates

District Administration, August 2014

When a story goes viral, district leaders should Speak to the community as soon as possible.
Former Houston ISD press secretary offers tips for how district leaders can deal with unwanted attention
A student reads a book through the Booktrack website, while hearing music, ambient noise and sound effects that match the action of the story.
Booktrack Classroom allows students to create synchronized soundtracks for any kind of digital text
Students grow fruits and vegetables to raise funds for the poor and homeless
Though physical book collections are shrinking in many districts, the role of librarians or media specialists is expanding.
School libraries with more staff and larger collections lead to stronger academic performance, a study says