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District Administration, August 2013

Texas adult courts saw about 113,000 truancy cases against children ages 12 through 17 in 2012—more than double the number of truancy cases prosecuted in the other 49 states combined
Students at the Harlem Children’s Zone and Promise Academy Charter School grow tomatoes, squash, eggplants and other vegetables in a rooftop garden.
Big city school districts grow gardens to teach nutrition, science, and even storytelling
Vallas ordered to leave office after judge ruled he wasn't properly certified for position
The NEA had expected a bigger drop, but there were fewer job cuts in some states
Report: Students are often using technology for simple foundational exercises, rather than higher-order data analysis

District Administration, July 2013

Some schools districts are using enrollment losses and building closures as an opportunity to improve student achievement by shifting kids to better schools.
Administrators send students to stronger schools, start new programs, and engage parents

District Administration, June 2013

One Connecticut teacher’s mission to instill empathy and love in today’s children.