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District Administration, October 2015

Sheila M. Harrity is superintendent-director of Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School District in Massachusetts.
Superintendent Sheila M. Harrity brings innovative career programs to her students

District Administration, June 2015

Software can assess narrative, organization and purpose of an essay

District Administration, May 2015

Yonkers Superintendent Michael Yazurlo was born in the city. He also was a teacher and principal in the district. (Photo: Robert F. Rodriguez)
Yonkers, a district with a troubled past, stakes it future on a no-nonsense native son

District Administration, March 2015

An online learning program in Putnam County Schools in Tennessee has cut the need for credit recovery by 50 percent over the past three years, and the graduation rate rose from 88 percent in 2013 to 92 percent last year.
More than 60 districts honored for innovative instruction that boosts achievement

District Administration, September 2014

Prince William County (Va.) must re-evaluate certain behavioral interventions
Alvin Crawley became Alexandria City Public Schools’ permanent superintendent last March after being interim since October 2013.
Alexandria Public Schools superintendent Alvin Crawley not afraid of tough decisions or having a little fun
Superintendent Alvin Crawley expects enrollment in Alexandria City Schools to surpass 16,000 over the next five years.
Virginia superintendent advises fellow leaders to "keep moving"

District Administration, May 2014

States signed 132 digital learning bills into law last year, according to the Digital Learning Report Card 2013. (Click image to enlarge)
Report card gives some states' education policies failing or near failing grades

District Administration, April 2014

Elementary students in Metropolitan School District in Indiana use Chromebooks for lessons and assessments.
Districts must have sufficient bandwidth and hardware

District Administration, November 2013

Utah elementary school students spend half their instructional time in English and half in a world language.
State stresses bilingualism as sure route to work and careers around the globe

District Administration, August 2013

Douglas County (Colo.) School District restructuring the pay scale so positions most in demand get paid more

District Administration, June 2013

Newtown Public Schools Superintendent Janet Robinson gives a news briefing last January about Monroe’s Chalk Hill School, where the Sandy Hook Elementary School children are continuing their education this school year.
A conversation with Newtown Superintendent Janet Robinson on the tragedy of December 14, 2012, and the continual healing process.

District Administration, May 2013

Managing Editor Angela Pascopella speaks with author Frederick M. Hess.
Raymond Lauk at Paul Revere Primary School teaching Literacy Through Laughter.
This Illinois superintendent went corporate and then returned to education with a greater focus.

District Administration, April 2013

District Administration, November 2012

District Administration, October 2012

District Administration, September 2012

District Administration, July/Aug 2012

 Putting a Price Tag on the Common Core: How Much Will Smart Implementation Cost?
As school leaders across the nation prepare to implement the Common Core Standards in 2014, a new report proposes three options—with three costs—to use.

District Administration, May 2012

President Barack Obama, education technology funding, 2013 budget
Technology marketplace will be more efficient in addressing various school and student needs in the coming school year, says Cator.

District Administration, April 2012

Superintendent Myrrha Satow, center, meets with EdVantages management staff in Columbus, Ohio, in their weekly team meeting to discuss academic progress of special ed students. From left to right: Wendy Samir, special ed director, Satow, Amber Cummings, school psychologist.
EdVantages’ and Performance Academies’ founder stresses the values of fitness, as well as back to basics curriculum, to address the whole child.

District Administration, March 2012

Rhee’s grassroots organization, StudentsFirst, is ready to persuade state legislators to reform K12 education.