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Victoria Soto, a 27-year-old first grade teacher, died trying to protect her students

District Administration, September 2015

Superintendent David Tebo has helped established comprehensive career programs in his western Michigan district.
A discussion with David Tebo, chief of Hamilton Community Schools, about school-to-career opportunities

District Administration, August 2015

The above chart, from United Educators’ “2011 Public Schools Claims Report,” shows the dollar cost of claims for each category of bodily injury among district employees across the nation. (Click to enlarge)
Understanding coverage needs to proactively mitigate risks in districts large and small

District Administration, July 2015

Superintendent Bob Horan of Schodack CSD offered space to an energy research firm, a business that converts wastewater into electricity and the builders of a solar-powered boat.
No-rent home provides teaching opportunity for Superintendent Bob Horan’s students

District Administration, June 2015

Superintendent Darwin Stiffler has raised achievement for migrant students in his Yuma, Arizona district.
Darwin Stiffler, Yuma Elementary School District chief, takes education personally
One of the biggest trends is “makerspaces” where students use their imaginations to create crafts, electronics, videos and other projects
State education departments should ensure that minority schools have the same sports resources as wealthier schools, a new report says.
Report finds fewer offerings and resources for girls' teams in high minority schools

District Administration, May 2015

New York City national parks program introduces students to tradecraft
Superintendent Debbi C. Burdick has brought her Arizona district's state ranking up to fifth out of 227.
Superintendent Debbi C. Burdick boosts student achievement with world languages

District Administration, April 2015

STEM initiative and early college high school program have contributed to a 97 percent graduation rate

District Administration, March 2015

La Habra City School District Superintendent Susan Belenardo has made fitness a priority.
La Habra City School District superintendent gets students up and moving with new wellness program

District Administration, February 2015

Oak Ridge Schools Superintendent Bruce Borchers has partnered with local businesses to create a multifaceted STEM program.
Oak Ridge Schools’ chief Bruce Borchers pushes rigorous initiatives

District Administration, January 2015

Superintendent Arthur W. Tate of Iowa’s Davenport public schools has launched several programs to keep at-risk students from dropping out.
Davenport district keeping more students in school with data, community task force

District Administration, November 2014

Focus on current events, immersion and business simulations added to curriculums

District Administration, October 2014

City of Fairfax Schools Superintendent Peter Noonan says PLCs take leadership from both teachers and administrators.
City of Fairfax Schools' leader has been a champion of professional learning communities, and has seen results

District Administration, September 2014

Schools compete for computer science graduates with private sector's higher salaries
Clinton Community School District Superintendent Deborah A. Olson
Clinton Community School District in Iowa implements two programs to move its students to next level

District Administration, August 2014

U.S. schools spend more on energy than they do “on computers and textbooks combined"
Superintendent Jesse L. Jackson has made communicating with ESL parents a priority at Lake Wales Charter Schools in Florida.
Florida citrus-belt district reaches out to migrant families, ELLs and the economically disadvantaged

District Administration, July 2014

Local specialities among the tasty dishes spicing up school cafeterias