Charles J. Shields

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District Administration, Sep 2004

Harlingen (Texas) Consolidated Independent School District

District Administration, May 2004

How the school district in the nation's 13th poorest region boosted its test scores by 182 percent

District Administration, Apr 2004

Bland and boring. That's how most teens rate their district's online efforts. What can you learn fro

District Administration, Sep 2003

Need to join technology with instruction? Leave it to your in-house cyber librarian.

District Administration, May 2003

Protesters say it's full of gimmicks and hinders learning. Find out why some experts believe edutainment has its place in the classroom.

District Administration, Aug 2002

A new culture of students armed with laptops is cropping up. But what makes this story different? Yo
A look at what the various requirements will mean for school districts, as well as a list of changes

District Administration, Apr 2002

Sick of hearing about poor scores, non-existent retention and student apathy when it comes to mathem