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District Administration, February 2014

The Kent School District in Washington has more diversity in its student body, greater achievement and better technology, in major part due to Superintendent Edward Lee Vargas.
As the “globe” walks into this district, STEM and language programs are strengthened

District Administration, November 2013

School district leaders must ignore the politics of Common Core and focus on the practical realities of implementation.
Figuring out the costs, the time, and the technology of implementation
Critics of standards say teaching of literature will take a backseat as emphasis shifts to informational texts

District Administration, September 2013

PreK students in Detroit Public Schools perform at the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix through the PNC Bank ‘Grow Up Great’ Program.
Tips include picking an area of need and identifying the appropriate partner
In the Napa Valley Vintner’s Adopt-a-School program, Vineyard 29’s owner, Chuck McMinn, takes part in West Park Elementary School’s Jog-a-thon last October. Vineyard 29 sponsors each student in their runs.
Schools find private-sector support during tough economic times

District Administration, April 2013

Des Plains Chief Is Illinois Superintendent of the Year.

District Administration, Jan 2013

cross county sd
Technology opportunities and challenges school leaders must address.
cross county sd
Technology opportunities and challenges school leaders must address.

District Administration, Dec 2012

School children in 25 states and 500 districts eat meals through ARAMARK food services. In District 300 in Carpentersville, Ill. alone, ARAMARK serves more than 2,000 suppers per day in six locations.
Federal legislation keeps district kitchens open for dinner.

District Administration, November 2012

‘Flipped classrooms’ gain ground, as students watch lectures on video, mostly at home, then do what would be ‘homework’ in class.

District Administration, September 2012

Falcon Virtual Academy gives teachers 1,000 Macbooks.
The latest, greatest tools won’t buy you success without a plan.

District Administration, July/Aug 2012

guidance counselors
Guidance counselors, sometimes underappreciated in difficult budgetary times, are feeling more respect in their quest to combat bullying.
The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future is expanding beyond Maryland.

District Administration, June 2012

The Virginia Beach Landstown High School and Technology Academy administration confers with lead teachers on the five dozen professional development opportunities offered to its faculty this past February.
But can they do it all? And at what cost?

District Administration, May 2012

Chris Comstock, Gooding High School principal, sitting in background, teacher Stefanie Shaw, standing, and Heather Williams, Gooding School District superintendent, discuss at-risk high school students’ intervention plans in the Milepost SIS program.
Districts demand integrated solutions, in addition to parent portals and mobile access—all while saving costs.

District Administration, April 2012

A new IB Career-related Certificate program will pair academic rigor and international focus with technical training.

District Administration, March 2012

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation offers struggling districts a pot of gold—but with strings attached.

District Administration, February 2012

Singapore girls
China, Finland and Singapore are creating stronger students—and finally inspiring American educators to take action.

District Administration, January 2012