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District Administration, January 2012

They provide economies-of-scale on hardware, networking and storage capability.
Missouri grants district two-and-a-half years to turn around academic performance—or else.

District Administration, Nov/Dec 2011

Districts learn shortcuts in building an infrastructure that keeps up with demands for new technology, but doesn't cost a fortune.

District Administration, October 2011

A Web-based computing environment means fewer hardware purchases and a tremendous cost savings.
How will the state’s new education commissioner and governor impact K12 momentum?

District Administration, September 2011

Historic tensions are softening, allowing cooperation to take root, so long as funding doesn't become a distraction.

District Administration, June 2011

Mainstreaming, population shifts, early intervention and budget cuts create challenges and opportunities for district leaders.

District Administration, Apr 2011

Using graduate data to assess achievement in K12.
District administrators in Wisconsin would appreciate greater management leeway in negotiations with teachers' unions, but many say the collective bargaining restrictions crafted by Gov. Scott Walker and the republican-controlled legislature go too far.

SIDEBAR, Apr 2011

The New York City DOE shares data with CUNY and works toward a K16 model.

SIDEBAR, Jan 2011

A hope to train new immigrants to better meet their children’s needs.

District Administration, Jan 2011

Facing what they see as a potential blow to parents in the "Blueprint for Reform," advocates for parent involvement in schools push back.

District Administration, Nov 2010

Educators seek new strategies to address persistent achievement gaps and discrimination against African-American students.

District Administration, Oct 2010

Critics say recent state immigration policies are segregating schools.

District Administration, Sep 2010

The Great Recession compels school districts to teach dollars and sense.

District Administration, Jul 2010

The next generation of standardized testing will focus on critical thinking skills.

District Administration, May 2010

Los Angeles and 31 other districts undergo federal compliance reviews.

District Administration, Apr 2010

Districts across the country have implemented enrollment caps to prevent class sizes from becoming too large in schools with swelling enrollments.