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District Administration, May 2003

The teaching of writing is as outdated as the indented paragraph. Here are some ways to fix it.

District Administration, Apr 2003

Alarmists would like you to believe that crayons and mud pies are developmentally appropriate. KidPix is not.

District Administration, Mar 2003

What Silicon Valley giveth, schools taketh away
What Silicon Valley giveth, schools taketh away.

District Administration, Feb 2003

ISTE’s vague standards and a potential exclusionary “seal of alignment” make one wonder whose side the group is on.
If you’re not making digital movies in your school system, you should be.

District Administration, Jan 2003

Scripts, curriculum fillers and a lack of vigorous thoughts are only three of the things wrong with school today.

District Administration, Dec 2002

Blocked web sites, IT staff that exist to hinder staff, and restrictive policies make integrating technology too hard to overcome

District Administration, Nov 2002

Sound bites won't fix education. It will take education practices hard work and the ability to turn ideas into action
Education expert Deborah Meier explains why trusting teachers, involving parents and knowing your st

District Administration, Oct 2002

Why are education experts being tossed aside in favor of politicans and business officials?

District Administration, Sep 2002

Lessons learned, and unlearned, while trying to stay in tune.

District Administration, Aug 2002

Reggio Emilia has been an Italian success story since it was created more than 50 years ago. Learn h

District Administration, Jul 2002

Want to know why one of the most dynamic school leaders in the last 30 years is walking away from hi
Maine's great laptop experiment should not be picked at, but applauded

District Administration, Jun 2002

School's almost out, and it's the perfect time to get in some interesting reading that will reinvigo

District Administration, May 2002

Critics of computers in education often argue the investment in technology detracts from the arts. T
Better living through turkey jerky and other "amazing" products.

District Administration, Apr 2002

It's a simple idea that has multiple meanings.

District Administration, Mar 2002

Literacy's Secret Weapon

District Administration, Feb 2002

Why won't the Supreme Court treat children as people, too?

District Administration, Jan 2002

Don't draft a committee to increase communication, just incorporate some simple changes into everyd