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District Administration, Apr 2005

Stu Silberman, Fayette County (Ken.) Public Schools

District Administration, Dec 2012

A South Carolina chief focuses on better principals, restructured management and community input.
iPads replace desktops and textbooks with mobility and enhanced learning in one New Hampshire district.

District Administration, November 2012

Charles Glover (center) in one of many administrative meetings at Dallas ISD.
A new job at the Dallas school district is bolstering the quality of the teaching staff.
An East Leyden High School student selects a Chromebook from a charging cart. With Chromebooks, students can work on any device in any class period and access their work from anywhere, including from the Chrome browser installed on a home computer.
Collaborative learning is made easier in an Illinois district.

District Administration, October 2012

Eugene G. White reads to students during a “Read Across America” event in his district. One of White’s reforms was to centralize the curriculum, and in turn, better support students.
The Indianapolis superintendent brought stability—and graduation waivers.

District Administration, September 2012

Josh Powell poses for photo with visiting children.
This turnaround expert has used formative assessment (and common sense) to raise achievement in three districts in six years.

District Administration, June 2012

Johnson (top row, center) with students in a welding certification intensive at Kodiak High School.
Collaborative technologies have bridged miles and led to across-the-board student improvement.

District Administration, May 2012

Superintendent Jim Brown
A community in economic and educational decline is boosted by a unique public-private partnership.

District Administration, March 2012

Maria G. Ott on May 15, 2011, the opening day of Rowland's Blandford Elementary School.
Maria Ott led Rowlands Unified School District through a major transformation to improve teaching and learning, supported by the Ball Foundation.

District Administration, February 2012

Superintendent Nickell at Valleyview Elementary
Superintendent Sherrie B. Nickell, Polk County (Fla.) Public Schools

District Administration, January 2012

Superintendent Jose M. Torres, Illinois School District U-46

District Administration, May 2011

Boston Public Schools is seeing the results of City Connects (CCNX)—its intervention, prevention and enrichment program that works with teachers to pair students with community-based services.

District Administration, Apr 2011

This Minnesota superintendent is trying to close this "excellence gap" through innovative curricula.

District Administration, Feb 2011

How Prince George's County (Md.) Public Schools improved their STEM learning subjects to get up to par with their statewide counterparts.

District Administration, Jun 2010

Jeanne Biddle, Technology Director of Scott County (Ky.) Schools

District Administration, May 2010

Superintendent Richard Middleton of San Antonio's (Texas) North East Independent School District knew that by increasing attendance rates his district would receive more state education funding.

District Administration, Mar 2010

Merrill and his board developed "Compass to 2015: A Strategic Plan for Student Success."

District Administration, Feb 2005

Colleen Wilcox, Santa Clara County (Calif.) Office of Education