Judy Faust Hartnett

Judy Faust Hartnett was the managing editor and editor-in-chief of District Administration from 2006-2012. 

Articles by Judy Faust Hartnett

District Administration, Mar 2011

Personalized learning will be the next biggest reform movement in education.

District Administration, Feb 2011

We focus this month on some of the new technologies and delivery systems that, with pedagogical know-how, will promote the 21st century version of individualized instruction.

District Administration, Jan 2011

How best to assess teachers and the topic of bullying has become a topic of national debate.
Miami-Dade County Public School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho

District Administration, Nov 2010

Rock star status, by my definition, tends to be conferred upon people who are able to reach a large number of people with their work and, as a result, affect change.

District Administration, Oct 2010

Students nationwide are solving environmental issues in their community for Disney's Planet Challenge.
Each issue of DA has its challenges and requires its own level of perseverance.

District Administration, Sep 2010

School districts across the nation are making budget cuts in a previously taboo area—safety.
In Disney's Planet Challenge, students nationwide are asked to identify an environmental issue in their local community and come up with a solution that they will manage and document from start to finish.

District Administration, Jul 2010

Elisa Villanueva, chief operating officer for Teach for America
In just one year, there have been more education reforms proposed and enacted than in the preceding decade.

District Administration, Jun 2010

Teaching students about the right way and the safe way to navigate the Internet is a role for school districts to take on.
Chuck Saylor, president of the national Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
New and Innovative summer programs attempt to stimulate students academically rather than provide sheer credit recovery or test prep classes that get kids "through" the tests.

District Administration, May 2010

School boards face increasing challenges in these tough economic times including more federal mandates, charter school initiatives and a lack of alignment with community expectations.

District Administration, Apr 2010

DA offers stories on teaching students how to appreciate lifelong sports, and DA introduces DA Digital.

District Administration, Mar 2010

If the AFT membership accepts Weingarten's recommendations, the possibility of real education reform could be near.

District Administration, Jan 2010

We take a bird’s-eye view of our 2009 coverage, to be sure that we’re in sync with what our readers look to us for.

District Administration, Nov 2009

Mobile technology has great potential to revolutionize teaching and learning.

District Administration, Oct 2009

Common Core State Standards could be the answer to moving education forward.

District Administration, Sep 2009

Districts expose U.S. students to reality.

District Administration, Aug 2009

Badly needed aid comes to districts.

District Administration, Jun 2009

School districts step up to the plate.

District Administration, May 2009