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District Administration, Mar 2009

Some districts are creating innovative programs to inspire all students to pursue higher education.
Giving back to college-bound students.

District Administration, Dec 2008

Schools bring down the house with new and improved performing arts facilities.

District Administration, Feb 2008

The latest trends in school facilities and construction

District Administration, Mar 2007

Administrators are sold on virtual schools-but get bogged down in execution. Here's what creates successful district programs.

District Administration, Nov 2006

It's joked that he has more money than God. But is Microsoft's Bill Gates spending enough of his fo

District Administration, Sep 2006

Financial mismanaging, misspending, over budgeting, squandering, embezzling-by any verb, school dist
Administrators may be reluctant to address this latest social problem- yet they may have no choice

District Administration, Aug 2006

There's yet another testing criterion barreling down the pike--and this time researchers, consultant

District Administration, Jul 2006

School district budget departments tackle one of the toughest jobs in education and still come out w

District Administration, Jun 2006

Mobile County (Ala.) Public School System
Problem: Parent-teacher conferences at Westside Community Schools in Omaha, Neb., used to offer flav

District Administration, May 2006

These unusual structures popping up in some parts of the country hold promise, even if their benefi

District Administration, Apr 2006

Educators speak out on latest federal budget cuts.

District Administration, Mar 2006

Evolution v. intelligent design doesn't have to pull a school district apart and leave both sides gu

District Administration, Feb 2006

School districts of all sizes and economic status are vulnerable to overcharges and outright fraud.
McMinnville (Ore.) Public Schools

District Administration, Dec 2005

Any dinner-table economist knows hurricanes Katrina and Rita will impact school construction costs.

District Administration, Nov 2005

The truth about achievement numbers for black males is staring administrators in the face. What can

District Administration, Oct 2005

Administrators are learning that the art of teaching reading isn't fundamental.

District Administration, Aug 2005

Technology is making disrict boundary decisions easier from a data and planning standpoint.

District Administration, Jul 2005

Consultants are not the exclusive property of corporate America. School districts are spending milli

District Administration, Jun 2005

Problem: When officials at Marion County Public Schools in Ocala, Fla., eyed the Continuous Improvem

District Administration, Apr 2005

With construction management software, district administrators can remain in control of building pro

District Administration, Mar 2005

Larry Nyland, Marysville (Wash.) Schools Who says chivalry is dead? This superintendent accepted a