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District Administration, May 2010

In education, Texas has been a source of both controversy and innovation. The First of a Three State Series.

District Administration, Apr 2010

The latest in Hardware, Software, Books & Materials, Facilities, and the Internet.
Visual presenters become more affordable.

District Administration, Mar 2010

No Child Left Behind Act has created a number of negative effects on art education, according to new study.
The latest in hardware, software, books & materials, facilities and the Internet.
Math Curriculum Software

District Administration, Feb 2010

Interactive whiteboards are providing support for multiple languages.
The latest in hardware, software, book & materials, facilities, and the Internet
Projectors Designed For K12
Recommended reading for district leaders.

District Administration, Jan 2010

Student Information Systems
The latest in hardware, software, books & materials, facilities, and the Internet.
State retirement funds are in crisis, and school systems will likely pay more of the bill.
New products with a new flu angle
Schools prepare for virus outbreak with at home learning resources

District Administration, Nov 2009

A new book by John Palfrey, a Harvard law professor, examines digital natives.
Learn the various mobile tools.

SIDEBAR, Nov 2009

These recently released or updated programs are designed to improve students’ writing skills.

District Administration, Oct 2009

A panel of administrators and experts urge more funding so everyone can have access to broadband capability.
The latest in hardware, software, books & materials, facilities, and the Internet.
High-tech signs get more popular to post announcements and emergencies.
Barely a quarter of the 1.5 million graduating seniors met college readiness benchmarks.

District Administration, Sep 2009

The new K12 educational program is called It’s About Us.
The InfoComm and NECC conferences showcased new and improved education technology to administrators looking to spend stimulus dollars.