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District Administration, September 2014

New products for chemistry, biology and physics labs allow more engaging and safer experiments
Juniors in Billings, Mont. worked on a local multimedia exhibit that covered a series of hate crimes that occurred in the town 20 years ago.
Multimedia projects can make lessons more engaging and even stem the tide of bullying
Author Melissa Bailey examines New Haven's more collaborative approach to school reform in "School Reform City."
Recommended reading includes books on energizing meetings, literacy and direct instruction

District Administration, August 2014

What administrators need to know about roofing, windows and insulation

District Administration, July 2014

With concerns rising about obesity and other health issues, there has been a push for healthier snacks

District Administration, June 2014

Gibbsboro eighth graders share a research project on “Giving Back Day,” which focuses on the “Super 7” elements of service.
“Super 7” curriculum: Service, positivity, compassion, respect, integrity, motivation and responsibility
The Whole Schools Initiative's arts program is helping drive up test scores in Mississippi schools.
30 Mississippi schools are blending music, theater, visual art and dance into core subjects
3D printers are taking learning to a new level, but traditional models still have important role
Author Nancy Willard tackles the age-old problem of bullying with 21st century solutions.
Recommended reading includes books on memory, Common Core math and grant-writing

District Administration, May 2014

Anoka-Hennepin district students in the seventh-grade technology education class.
Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota reaches out to local businesses to update curriculum
Free curriculum includes Oscar-winning movie, the book it’s based on and a study guide
Author Rick Stiggins believes that classroom assessment is more effective than standardized tests in providing the student growth data.
Recommended reading includes books on data, devices and high-level learning

District Administration, April 2014

A guide to one segment of education technology
3LCD and DLP vary in the chips that use the projector’s light source to reflect and display an image or video
Since 2011, Superintendent Elizabeth Celania Fagen has helped shift Douglas County Schools from a good district to a great one.
After growing from a good district to a great one, Douglas County Schools is getting a lot of attention
Students in town where race starts learning about weather, nutrition and history
Students from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin walk at graduation.
Boys will get more competitive, fast-paced activities; girls school will focus on more collaborative learning
The authors of "Hire Better Teachers Now" say district leaders can hire more effectively by focusing on the individual needs of schools and districts.
Recommended reading includes books on the levers that improve learning and creating student-engaged assessment systems

District Administration, March 2014

In "Reading in the Wild," author and reading expert Donalyn Miller focuses on how to instill lifelong reading habits in students.
Recommended reading includes books on principals, student behavior and safety
Fifth-grader Cici Collins’ (second from the right) cancer survival story inspired a Common Core-aligned curriculum for her entire class last fall.
Fifth grader Cici Collins and her classmates researched the disease, held fundraiser
“Telling Our Agricultural Story” curriculum includes print and online materials focused on local farms

District Administration, February 2014

Equipment can keep a watchful eye over students and prevent the wrong people from entering
In "I Got Schooled," author and director M. Night Shyamalan examines America’s achievement gap.
Recommended reading includes books on leadership, regulation and discipline

District Administration, January 2014

Philadelphia Orchestra and the Philadelphia Museum of Art helped create new curriculum