Marion Herbert

Marion joined the District Administration team as associate editor in November 2009 on the heels of graduating from Marist College where she studied journalism and political science. When not writing about herself in the third person, Marion enjoys travel, kickball, nearly any TV show on the Bravo channel, and—as of recent years—K-12 education news. Follow her blog to read insights and commentary from industry events and news in public education. At a time when school districts are pushing bold reforms while simultaneously grappling with fiscal hardships, Marion feels privileged to have the opportunity to report on their journey every step of the way.

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Articles by Marion Herbert

District Administration, Nov 2010

Mohsin Dada, assistant superintendent for business services, used a competitive sale to buy the districts latest bond.
Startl, is a new nonprofit organization promoting the proliferation of new media in education.
On Nov. 3, the Supreme Court heard arguments for a school choice case challenging the precedent set for the Establishment Clause—the separation of church and state.
Current assessments have been criticized because they are said to be unfair for ELL students. Enhanced Assessment Grants are aimed at curbing this academic impasse.
Apple's iPad has received an unanticipated reaction from the autistic community.

District Administration, Oct 2010

HISD applies innovative methods from successful charter schools and applies them to its 20 lowest performing schools.
New federal grant program will produce climate surveys assessing how comfortable students feel in schools.
States using college admission tests such as the SAT or ACT for measuring achievement of state learning standards are being cautioned to rethink using tests in this manner.
A new Web video series shows students where their interests in math and science can lead them in terms of a college education and careers.
Warren County (Ky.) Public Schools opened the state's largest school to address the district's growing size.
LAUSD builds $578 million school complex.
Director of Race to the Top Joanne Weiss

District Administration, Sep 2010

Detroit is the next city to throw away the administrative reins and open the doors for an all-teacher-led school.
Hillsborough County (Fla.) Public Schools embarks on its second year of collecting data for grant project from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Tuition voucher program support has been withering under the Obama administration as it phases out the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

District Administration, Jul 2010

A new study reveals that teacher effectiveness is not only unrelated to the college the teacher attended, but also that teacher effectiveness peaks after 10 years.
A new partnership between Dell and Moodlerooms brings cloud computing, software and open source technology together in the classroom.
Sunnyside (Ariz.) Unified School District Superintendent Manuel L. Isquierdo motivates students through technology.
Washington faces reauthorizing the Child Nutrition Act this fall.
New study highlights how central office staff can transform their roles to support teaching and learning district-wide.