Marion Herbert

Marion joined the District Administration team as associate editor in November 2009 on the heels of graduating from Marist College where she studied journalism and political science. When not writing about herself in the third person, Marion enjoys travel, kickball, nearly any TV show on the Bravo channel, and—as of recent years—K-12 education news. Follow her blog to read insights and commentary from industry events and news in public education. At a time when school districts are pushing bold reforms while simultaneously grappling with fiscal hardships, Marion feels privileged to have the opportunity to report on their journey every step of the way.

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Articles by Marion Herbert

District Administration, Mar 2010

President Obama's FY 2011 budget proposal includes a $400 billion investment in education—but it lacks any funding specifically dedicated to school libraries.
Undue punitive policies are driving students down a path toward prison, according to a study from the Advancement Project.
Two recent reports detailing rates of teenage pregnancy and sexual activity have renewed debate about abstinence-based sex education.

District Administration, Feb 2010

The Preventing Harmful Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Act will set national standards for the practices of controlling disruptive students.
Release of National Broadband Plan delayed.
Finalists asked what their number-one priority is for 2010.
Wireless router installed in school bus
Will save district an estimated $17 million over the next 20 years.
$1.5 million grant will build community shelter

District Administration, Jan 2010

An alarming trend shows glaring gaps in race, ethnicity.
The MILE Guide helps K12 leaders provide their students with successful skills.
High school students missing core benchmarks, according to ACT test scores
Study shows "Flocabulary" curriculum improves memorization with rap music.