Odvard Egil Dyrli

Articles by Odvard Egil Dyrli

District Administration, Feb 2003

Offensive E-mail Threatens Every District
Keeping up with the Web gets harder every year. In the time it took to read the last sentence, anoth

District Administration, Jan 2003

Online resources can support and enhance job-site career programs

District Administration, Dec 2002

"Blogs" offer new opportunities and challenges

District Administration, Nov 2002

With new internet viruses more insidious than ever, here's how districts can fight back

District Administration, Oct 2002

Online multimedia technologies deliver the sight and sounds of college, without the cost and inconve

District Administration, Sep 2002

Girls need special guidance to avoid online pitfalls.
Here's out fifth annual list of the best curriculum spots on the Web.

District Administration, Aug 2002

Web resources equip new teachers for success

District Administration, Jul 2002

Take your district Web pages beyond the ordinary by learning lessons from other educators and adding
Instant messaging technology facilitates realtime conversations and virtual meetings

District Administration, Jun 2002

It is time to take the final steps to integrate technology into education.
Use Web resources to plan real and virtual trips.

District Administration, May 2002

These NSF-supported curriculum centers offer valuable online resources.

District Administration, Apr 2002

Federal accessibility regulations bring spin-off benefits to K-12 schools.

District Administration, Mar 2002

Students need to become well-informed consumers of online health resources.

District Administration, Feb 2002

These regional groups offer sound advice and training.
This year's K-12 winners offer more complex and comprehensive curriculum applications than ever befo

District Administration, Jan 2002

Internet collaborations can build Web education expertise for your staff and students.