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District Administration, April 2013

Minneapolis Public Schools
ESL programs face new challenges.

District Administration, March 2013

Recovering missing credits and self-esteem
Clark County Superintendent Dwight D. Jones, right, meets with one student last September.
New approaches to dropout prevention.

District Administration, Feb 2013

K12 leadership organizations are creating more training opportunities.
Leadership training options for district administrators.

District Administration, Jan 2013

Here are more business partnerships with K12 districts.
Districts teaming with Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel, and other companies are realizing a large return.

District Administration, Dec 2012

Improving learning capacity for young students.

District Administration, November 2012

New state laws and the federal Race to the Top program are carving big changes.

District Administration, October 2012

A green wave is making an impact on what students are learning and where they’re headed.

District Administration, September 2012

A 2012 graduate of the Memphis City Schools works a few hours in the nearby University of Memphis’ library, as part of the College Campus Transition Program.
Programs for students with learning disabilities help them move forward into the workforce and/or college.

District Administration, July/Aug 2012

Quick tips for administrators.
The learning curve for launching programs is well worth the effort.

District Administration, June 2012

Elementary and middle school students in a Reach the World (RTW) project in New York City learn geography and how it relates to learning.
Schools are only beginning to prepare students for a changing landscape.

District Administration, May 2012

It’s not easy when the previous superintendent has been a powerhouse reformer. This is the second in a two-story special recruitment report in this issue.

District Administration, April 2012

Plan to upgrade your district’s infrastructure for increased capacity and security.

District Administration, March 2012

The Mooresville (N.C.) Graded School District dream team solves problems. Clockwise from top left: Robert Lane, Robert Rhyne, Frank Mukina, Scott Smith, Jeff Martin, Kim Cline and Michael Hiskey.
If you could put together a staff to make the most of educational technology in your district, what would it look like?

District Administration, February 2012

Raising student awareness about the consequences of prescription drugs has taken on a new urgency.

District Administration, January 2012

Accelerating costs are driving some districts to outsource these services.