K12 Guide to Audio/Visual Solutions

The 2015 Edition Of the Guide Includes These New Value-Added Features:

  • Delivered to 160,000+ district leaders as a special featured publication, with the May 2015 issue of District Administration.
  • Your listing promoted in a special email broadcast to District Administration readers (Premium Listings)
  • Upload your company White Papers to the DA White Paper Library (Premium Listings)
  • Promotions of the Guide every month in DA Daily, the e-newsletter for district leaders
  • Plus: You receive bonus distribution of your listing in the Guide at major K12 trade shows, including ISTE, ASBO, ALAS, and AASA.

Enhanced Listing ($495)

Same as basic listing plus:

  • Four-color logo
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  • Highlighted listing in the index
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Premium Listing ($795)

Same as enhanced listing plus:

  • Hyperlink AND email address
  • 100-word company profile
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Order deadline: March 13, 2015. Contact Janice Sermonet at jsermonet@districtadministration.com or Phone 678.481.4666