Administrator Profile

Mississippi Delta Renegade

Reginald P. Barnes, Superintendent, Cleveland (Miss.) School District

The Highest Calling

Jack Moreland, Superintendent, Covington (Ky.) Public Schools

Seeing the Big Picture

Rudy Castruita, Superintendent, San Diego County Office of Education

Texas Trailblazer

Mike Moses, Dallas Independent School District This school chief may not have parted the Red Sea, b

It's a Small World

Ted Blaesing, White Bear Lake (Minn.) Area Schools When this Minnesota leader travels, he takes hom

Along a Steady Course

This “ambidextrous” superintendent has learned that, in district leadership, there’s no such thing as too much preparation

Vermont's Value-Added

This superintendent uses Yankee ingenuiy and an ardent work ethic to juggle 11 school boards while fighting for fair education policies.

Finishing On Top, With Help

This Minnesota leader uses his deep roots in Edina to lead his district to success.

Leader by Surprise

If a teacher can drive a bus, then a superintendent can work the lunch room. This leader has done both.

Staying in Touch by Reaching Out

This superintendent will be the first to admit that Friday is her favorite day of the week.