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While a gentle, silent type, this big-city superintendent has made sweeping system changes

With a girlish belly laugh, she sounds half her age. But make no mistake: Colleen Wilcox draws from decades of experience in energizing Santa Clara County's 1,600-staff members in a system of 32 high- and low-income K-14 and community college districts.

December 1999. Justin Colonna, a 23-year-old college student from Eugene, Ore., died in a snowstorm while hiking 12,300 feet up on a Colorado peak.

Some kids dream of being a cowboy one day. Growing up in a competitive family with five brothers, Esperanza Zendejas actually became one. In a culture dominated by men, she learned to stand on her own and up for herself. "There was no such thing as something that was only appropriate for my brothers," she says.