Crisis Response


Homeless Youth in Our Schools

Identifying and supporting a marginalized and victimized population.

LGBT Students Need Support at School

Homophobia in districts is widespread—and can have tragic results.

Grade Retention

School districts are leaving too many children behind.

Preventing Cluster Suicides

Taking the right actions can prevent one suicide from leading to others.

When Death Affects a School Community

Here are 10 tips for administrators to address the trauma and sadness.

School Shooting Threat

A quick and well-planned response from the principal and threat assessment team is key to resolving a potentially violent situation.

Threat Assessments

This process evaluates the potential for school violence.

Lessons from a Noose

It created anger and misunderstanding as well as valuable historical lessons.

Playing the Choking Game

More students are turning asphyxiation into a thrill-seeking activity, but the results can be deadly

Suicide Prevention and Schools

Prevention programs must receive the endorsement of administrators and boards of education.