Curriculum Update

STEM takes flight with aviation technology

Flight simulators teaching geometry, physics and meteorology

Celebrating Latino culture at Chicago Public Schools

New curriculum focuses on Central and South America and the Caribbean

Report: Students want more gaming, coding, mobile app instruction

1 in 3 students says it’s “very true” that technology can be a distraction when used excessively

Climate change ed in NYC schools heats up

Eleven states have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, which cover climate change and also acknowledge human influence

Boston schools take new look at civil rights

Educators want students to understand segregation had impacts beyond the South

Robots move from clubs to classrooms

Robots playing a bigger role in STEM education

Battle of New Orleans curriculum to build on state history

The Battle of New Orleans is the third state history-related curriculum released since 2010

Multimedia enhances school research projects

Multimedia projects can make lessons more engaging and even stem the tide of bullying

New Jersey students build character while increasing test scores

“Super 7” curriculum: Service, positivity, compassion, respect, integrity, motivation and responsibility

Arts energize Mississippi’s core subjects

30 Mississippi schools are blending music, theater, visual art and dance into core subjects