District Profile

Sustaining Excellence

This all-high school district shows how precise tech planning can keep schools ahead of the curve

Long Term Technology Success

See how this Washington district keeps students excited while they incorporate computers into everyd

Eliminating Dropouts with Persistence and Shoe Leather

This small school district took on its truancy problem head-on. Its result: No dropouts

Keeping the ABCs in the Classroom and off the Report Card

Are letter grades really important? One upstate New York district not only thinks they aren't, but i


This district uses a two-pronged approach to improve its offerings: high-tech tools for the students

Finding Pearls of Wisdom

Administrators haven't analyzed this New York district to death; they analyzed it to near perfection

Making Performance-Based Learning Work

This Alaska school district junked its traditional education system and was rewarded with a Baldrige

Sink or Swim

A district that nearly was taken over by the state is now succeeding with new direction and technolo