District Profile

Education Foundations Help Schools Offer More Services

If the Walnut Creek (Calif) School District needs extra funding, it turns to its education foundation.

Improving Teacher Recruitment, Evaluation and Training Systems with Assistance from Business

Pittsburgh Public Schools was the focus this year of a competition at UC Berkeley in addition to winning a $40 million grant from the Gates Foundation for their Empowering Effective Teachers initiative.

Opening the Data Door

Denver (Colo.) Public Schools

FLAP Grant Provides Critical Language Support Programs

$12.4 million in grant money was given to public primary and secondary schools to support "critical foreign languages" such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian, to help students compete in a global marketplace.

A Productive Partnership

For this progressive superintendent and board, it's all about trust.

Trouble in Paradise

Hawaii’s district takes back restructuring effort from private ed firms.

A Power-Sharing Solution

Tangipahoa (La.) Parish School System

Energy Performance Contracting

It’s a powerful way to cut energy costs.

Taunton (Mass.) Public Schools

There Is Truth in Data

Taunton (Mass.) Public Schools

There Is Truth in Data