Feature for District CIO

Mobile apps move K12

No longer tethered to their desks, district leaders save time with new technology

Where's my Wi-Fi?

District leaders tackle bandwidth demand with different solutions

Conditions for building a technology learning plan

Tips including empowering leaders, sharing a vision and providing technical support

Repair? Refresh? Recycle? Replace?

What districts need to know when hardware begins to break down

Core capacity: Going beyond required tech upgrades

How districts can prepare technology for Common Core assessments and beyond

Teachers create own blended learning courses

How school districts are funding 1-to-1

Options include bond issues, grants and reshuffling budgets

Steps to budgeting your 1-to-1 program

Districts leaders need to prepare for costs beyond buying tablets

How schools are managing the move to mobile

1-to-1 and BYOD programs pose different challenges for district CIOs

CIOs are not just techies anymore

The role demands collaborative leadership, instructional skills, and (don’t forget) cutting edge technical expertise