Feature for District CIO

Conditions for building a technology learning plan

Tips including empowering leaders, sharing a vision and providing technical support

Repair? Refresh? Recycle? Replace?

What districts need to know when hardware begins to break down

Core capacity: Going beyond required tech upgrades

How districts can prepare technology for Common Core assessments and beyond

Teachers create own blended learning courses

How school districts are funding 1-to-1

Options include bond issues, grants and reshuffling budgets

Steps to budgeting your 1-to-1 program

Districts leaders need to prepare for costs beyond buying tablets

How schools are managing the move to mobile

1-to-1 and BYOD programs pose different challenges for district CIOs

CIOs are not just techies anymore

The role demands collaborative leadership, instructional skills, and (don’t forget) cutting edge technical expertise

What CIOs look for today when hiring staff

A new collaborative CIO culture emerges in schools

Student information systems are now portals for parents, students, and teachers to communicate