Feature for District CIO

Data drives down school district costs

Schools analyzing everything from maintenance costs to lunch menus to save money

School district uses geographic data analysis to make decisions

Geographic data helping districts find safe routes for students to take to school

iPads expand time and space in schools

More schools using iPads and other tablets to break down traditional learning barriers

School social media policies juggle safety with free speech

School districts try to craft social media policies that prevent misuse but don't interfere with free speech or educational benefits

ISTE Buzz: STEM video games, cloud collaboration and online PD

School technology trends in 3D

Revolutionary printers, remote labs, and augmented reality forecast for K12 technology

Questions to Ask Cloud Vendors

Cloud Technology Forecast: Sunshine with Chance of Showers

Keeping universally-accessible district information safe in the cloud

Consumer Technologies Enter Schools

Challenges for CIOs through BYOD, 4G, open networks and more.

Racing the iPad in K12 Education

Competitors give the leader a run for its money.