10 tips for starting your own school-business partnership

Tips include picking an area of need and identifying the appropriate partner

How to make school buildings more accessible

Design, policies, and products can increase accessibility beyond ADA requirements

Accessibility requires personnel training

Teachers and paraprofessionals need to learn how to help students without injuring themselves

Kansas City district improves with parent app

Parents can pitch ideas through website and mobile devices

Navigating special education disputes in schools

Attorneys advise how parents and schools districts can work together to serve students

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Twelve months after Sandy, hard-hit districts are in various stages of recovery

Administrators move from private sector to public schools

Outsiders bring expertise to K12 administration, but must learn the mission of education

Business of: New technology gives parents view of school day

Districts provide digital parent-engagement platforms on websites and in mobile apps

Remedial reform moves to high schools

School districts try to increase chances that graduates will finish college

MIND Research keeps K5 math games simple

Some of the nation’s biggest districts, including New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, use ST Math