Administrators move from private sector to public schools

Outsiders bring expertise to K12 administration, but must learn the mission of education

Business of: New technology gives parents view of school day

Districts provide digital parent-engagement platforms on websites and in mobile apps

Remedial reform moves to high schools

School districts try to increase chances that graduates will finish college

MIND Research keeps K5 math games simple

Some of the nation’s biggest districts, including New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, use ST Math

K12 video games grow up

Designers create elaborate graphics and engrossing plots to engage students in lessons

Colleges also reform remedial education

Community colleges allowing high school graduates to earn credit while doing remedial work

Amplify aims to extend learning day

Amplify is developing 30 educational video games for the 2014-2015 school year

Schools prioritize maintenance, air quality, and function in flooring

But administrators are looking for more than just easy maintenance when picking new floors

K12 professional associations adapt to survive

Professional groups strive to meet younger, more diverse member needs

How schools are preventing athletic emergencies

New guidelines target cardiac arrest, heat stroke, and concussions on playing fields