Education Platforms for America

The Democratic national education platform, just released in September, calls for a strong public education with publicly-funded programs. The Republican national education platform calls for more consumer choice.

Why Teaching Civic Engagement is Essential

Teaching the fundamentals of American government builds the foundation for more engaged citizens in the future.

Testing Isn’t the Problem

A robust curriculum and high-quality teaching is the answer.

Postgraduation for Special Needs Students

Programs for students with learning disabilities help them move forward into the workforce and/or college.

Rick and Becky DuFour

Professional Learning Communities at Work

Unsung Heroes

Guidance counselors, sometimes underappreciated in difficult budgetary times, are feeling more respect in their quest to combat bullying.

Paul Vallas for Sale

The non-traditional schools chief teams with Cambium to reform struggling districts.

A Running Start for ELLs

Early learning is key, but some states are not making it a priority.

Principals as Instructional Leaders

But can they do it all? And at what cost?

Transition Into the Real World

Former guidance counselors have created programs that prepare seniors for college and beyond.