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Today's students are used to state of the art video technology. Offer them anything less in the classroom, and you'll catch them staring out the window in a hurry. Yet with budgets tight, buying the best presentation tools for your classrooms is quite a challenge.

For decades, Virginia's Colonial Williamsburg has given visitors an up-close and personal view of life in 17th century America.

The message on the projector slide seemed clear enough: A school board hires the district's chief executive, and then that person selects a team.

Superintendent Alex DiNino got two pieces of advice from a fellow administrator in a nearby district when he initially got involved in his district's multi-school construction program: Your job has yet to begin, and wear old shoes.

Lightspeed Systems

Total Traffic Control Version 4.0, Software $6,995

Self-defense in Texas

For years, a fight was a fight in schools, and every student involved was guilty. But a new Texas law requires school districts to determine if students can claim self-defense and to include that policy in student conduct guidelines for this school year. Some districts, such as Dallas, say self-defense is not an excuse, and they won't change their policy.

In the time its takes you to read this article, your network will have been scanned by someone who means to manipulate, damage or outright destroy your school's data.

It's meant to curb crime and keep the peace. But a new federal law allowing students to transfer from schools that are labeled violent and disruptive could be causing more discord than harmony.