News Update

Net-zero schools save big on energy costs

A net-zero building produces more energy than it consumes within the course of a year

More states requiring computer science for graduation

Recent reports reveal lack of female and minority students in AP computer science courses

Denver joins movement to decentralize urban schools

Principals of traditional public schools getting the flexibility of charters

Lessons on whales, fossils and coding at NYC museum

American Museum of Natural History provides research and lab experiences for under-resourced high school students

Study: Standing desks strengthen student concentration

Hundreds of schools use standing desks, especially as costs drop to around $100 per unit

Investing in sustainable schools with no upfront costs

Districts turns to "energy savings performance contracts"

American Indian educators help drive graduation gains

23 states have high populations of American Indian students, and reservations see high turnover rates of teachers and administrators

Controversial Ohio ruling impacts minimum staffing

Law urges districts to focus on psychologists, computer teachers, gifted education specialists and ESL teachers

Transforming quiet school libraries into collaborative spaces

One of the biggest trends is “makerspaces” where students use their imaginations to create crafts, electronics, videos and other projects

How are ELL programs funded across states?

Some 34 states fund ELL programs through their state’s primary funding formula