News Update

Report: 30 percent of districts lack anti-bullying policy

Every state in the country now has an anti-bullying law, but the regulations vary widely

More free, healthy meals in Baltimore schools

Federal program allows schools with high poverty rates to replace traditional, tiered-price meal programs

5 states pass citizenship test requirement

5 other states have rejected the proposal

Rural educators rely on guns to protect schools

Organizations such as the National Association of Secondary School Principals recommend districts hire a school resource officer instead of arming staff members

Teaching diversity in Arizona’s wealthiest district

Scottsdale USD tries to build bonds between its high schools and middle schools

Lawsuit questions district's handling of trauma

Compton USD sued over alleged treatment of students who'd witnessed violence

Net-zero schools save big on energy costs

A net-zero building produces more energy than it consumes within the course of a year

More states requiring computer science for graduation

Recent reports reveal lack of female and minority students in AP computer science courses

Denver joins movement to decentralize urban schools

Principals of traditional public schools getting the flexibility of charters

Lessons on whales, fossils and coding at NYC museum

American Museum of Natural History provides research and lab experiences for under-resourced high school students