News Update

Cadaver lab gives students in-depth STEM experience

Program meant to encourage students to explore medicine, dentistry or other STEM fields

New laws make more room for prayer in schools

Laws passed in South Carolina in 2012 and Mississippi in 2013 allow students to pray at assemblies, athletic events and other school functions

Education on film: Documenting the realities of a public school day

Documentary inspired by parents after defeat of $7 million schools tax

New rules restrict junk food from schools

Smart Snacks in School rules go into effect July 1

Autism rates rise again

Boys almost five times more likely to be identified with autism spectrum disorder

Bullying drives districts to block new social media app

Students used anonymous message board to ridicule classmates and teachers

Common Core passes field test — with a few snags

Technology, test questions and scheduling challenged some schools

New Orleans’ schools unite to ease dropout rate

Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District will share facilities and citywide educational services

Study: Teaching social skills raises test scores

Teachers use Responsive Classroom to foster cooperation and create sense of community

21st-century sight to see combines gym with technology

Two schools on California Navy base build "fitness zones" with high-tech activities