News Update

Training needed to prevent physical, sexual abuse in schools

California insurance provider offering free online training courses

More quality teachers needed for poor students

Report finds poor students and students of color less likely to be taught by a highly effective teacher

Can see-through backpacks prevent school violence?

In 2010-11, 21 students died violent deaths in schools, and among 15-to-18-year-olds, 14 out of every 1,000 students were victims of violence

Wealthy backers invest in Utah preschoolers

Granite School District receives first-of-its-kind, $4.6 million social impact bond from Goldman Sachs

Court decision ends ‘autism shuffle’ in Philly schools

Students with autism will no longer be transferred from one school to another without parental input

ACLU ensures illegal immigrants can go to school

District sued for requiring parents to show photo ID to enroll students

Cadaver lab gives students in-depth STEM experience

Program meant to encourage students to explore medicine, dentistry or other STEM fields

New laws make more room for prayer in schools

Laws passed in South Carolina in 2012 and Mississippi in 2013 allow students to pray at assemblies, athletic events and other school functions

Education on film: Documenting the realities of a public school day

Documentary inspired by parents after defeat of $7 million schools tax

New rules restrict junk food from schools

Smart Snacks in School rules go into effect July 1