News Update

Calendar of national conventions for K12 professionals in 2013-14

Range of organizations offering professional development opportunities

Teacher prep programs failing, report says

Teachers not being trained for rigorous Common Core standards, National Council on Teacher Quality finds

A list of professional organizations for K12 leaders

Organizations provide solutions, networking and professional development

Politics seep into school leaders role

Accountability standards, charter school funding sometimes causing controversy

Superintendent creates academy for other school leaders

Keith Lutz, superintendent of Millard Public Schools in Omaha, developed the Midlands Superintendent Academy for new administrators

Flanagan receives Distinguished Service Award from NASBE

What's new with the country's top K12 leaders.

Student Success Act heads to the Senate

Bill to revise ESEA would eliminate the adequate yearly progress measures of No Child Left Behind

30 states already teaching some Common Core

But education agencies are “struggling” to find resources to train teachers and principals, report says

Budget cuts mean more fees for students

Districts requiring parents to pay fees for their children’s textbooks, lab materials, and after-school activities

Detroit bankruptcy weighs on already struggling schools

Schools facing extreme drops in enrollment, multi-million dollar budget deficit