News Update

School advertising goes digital

Digital billboards that resemble large touch-screen tablets placed in schools in two Arizona districts

After iPad fiasco, LAUSD will provide computers as-needed

District plans to provide computers to students as needed for instruction or testing

Students will dance, act and design with core arts standards

Updated National Core Arts Standards add media arts such as animation, film, gaming and computer design

Construction complete on Ohio school complex

555,000-square-foot education complex houses middle school, high school and community center

States increase pre-K funding

Nationwide, state funding for preschool increased by $672 million this year

Designing games as a career path

Students study creative aspects of game design and programming at Florida magnet school

Two states require citizenship test for graduation

Advocates say exams better prepare students to participate in a democratic society

More schools serving dinner as need increases

Number of students served dinner or an after-school snack reached nearly 1 million last year

Study: Large online literacy achievement gap exists

Many students lack ability to evaluate the reliability of information on the web

Discipline: Restorative justice expands in Oakland

Program focuses on students making amends for disruptive behavior rather than suspensions