News Update

Ed group wants to halt high-stakes testing for evaluations

ASCD says schools and teachers shouldn't be evaluated based on standardized test scores

Do teacher prep programs lack rigor?

Finding of grade inflation criticized by teacher educators

Districts campaign to compete in era of school choice

Schools amp up communications and upgrades to keep from losing students to charters, private schools

Hmong dual-language programs preserve culture

Community demand often leads schools to add classes in less-common languages, such as Hmong, Arabic, Hindi and Swahili

Justice for impoverished schools, 21 years in the making

Court finds state funding formula denies many poor, rural students their right to an adequate education

Making space in one of the nation’s fastest growing districts

Enrollment at Rutherford County Schools in central Tennessee rose from 29,600 in 2003-04 to 41,000 this year

What you need to know about ‘deeper learning’

Deeper learning is another name for the shift in emphasis away from teacher-led, rote learning

Teachers drive their own PD in Edcamp movement

International network of free, one-day “unconferences” allow educators to set agenda

Testing times growing nationwide

Students nationwide take as many as 20 standardized tests per year, and an average of 10 in grades 3 through 8

Nation’s first Arabic dual-language school to open in Houston

After Spanish, Arabic is the second-most common non-English language spoken at home for families in the district