News Update

Get-Tough Policies Put Students on Path Toward Prison

Undue punitive policies are driving students down a path toward prison, according to a study from the Advancement Project.

Too Much Money Funneled Into Competitive Programs?

President Obama's FY 2011 budget proposal includes a $400 billion investment in education—but it lacks any funding specifically dedicated to school libraries.

Zero Clients— Even Thinner Than Thin Clients

The popularity of thin clients may soon diminish as districts catch wind of zero clients.

People Watch

Teen’s Death Unbuckles Debates over Seat Belts

Conn. lawmaker vows to pursue legislation mandating that seat belts be installed in school buses following the tragic death of a teenager.

"Internet Buses" Provide Wi-Fi to Students on the Go

Wireless router installed in school bus

Interactive Whiteboards Becoming Multilingual

Interactive whiteboards are providing support for multiple languages.

AASA Superintendent of the Year Nominees Focus on the Future

Finalists asked what their number-one priority is for 2010.

Broadband Advocates Continue to Wait

Release of National Broadband Plan delayed.

Science from Vancouver to the Classroom

The Winter Olympic games come to school.