News Update

Urban schools team up to serve greener, healthier lunches

Big districts banding together to buy biodegradable trays made of sugar cane

School nurse shortages grow as budgets shrink

Among nurses’ responsibilities is caring for the estimated 3 million children with food allergies

Old skills make a comeback for the youngest students

Common Core accelerates keyboarding instruction in elementary schools

People Watch: Jose Parra named superintendent at Irving ISD

Also: Michael McVey, superintendent of Steubenville City Schools in Ohio, was charged with three felony counts

What’s ahead for New York City charters?

Incoming mayor Bill de Blasio says he plans to charge charters rent for using public school buildings

Students create astronaut gear in NASA program

HUNCH, a NASA-funded program, partners space agency scientists with high schools and middle schools

Free tuition program sends students to college

Say Yes to Education fund supports services for students from kindergarten through 12th grade

Texas teachers lose merit pay, but gain competitive grant

Teachers unions have supported elimination of the merit program

How states are combating cyberbullying in and out of school

About 10 to 20 percent of youths experience cyberbullying regularly, study says

People Watch: Superintendent resigns over special ed controversy

Also: Kansas City superintendent signs new contract; Montana principal recognized