News Update

Des Moines schools save money with more free meals

Meals at 35 schools and three preschools will be completely covered by U.S. Department of Agriculture

Report: It’s not what you spend, but how you spend

Only 37 percent of the districts in the top third in spending were also in the top third in achievement

Joplin opens new high school

Original high school, along with four other schools, destroyed by 2011 tornado

What to do when district mistakes go viral

Former Houston ISD press secretary offers tips for how district leaders can deal with unwanted attention

Do soundtracks improve reading comprehension?

Booktrack Classroom allows students to create synchronized soundtracks for any kind of digital text

Farming for the summer

Students grow fruits and vegetables to raise funds for the poor and homeless

School librarian cutbacks widen digital divide

School libraries with more staff and larger collections lead to stronger academic performance, a study says

Florida renewing STEM commitment to rural communities

Nine out of 10 jobs created in the state before the end of the decade will be in STEM-related fields

Common Core app adoption: Tips for administrators

Superintendents should provide an overall vision for Common Core and digital technology goals

How schools can save money when budgets are tight

Schools can save--without compromising instruction--by managing class size, streamlining special ed meetings